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Love It!

This is my second counter top ice maker. This one is by far the more superior of the 2. I did a lot of research and knew I wanted something quieter than the first one but I definitely wanted a nugget ice machine. After reading several reviews and checking several web sites. I chose this nugget machine...I LOVE IT! Makes much more ice, so quite we forget it's on!


I was so excited to get “nugget” ice… and I love that I don’t have to leave my home to go get a bag of chick-fil-a ice now! So easy to use and love that it has the self cleaning function! Definitely game changer!

Gevi nugget ice cube user

I’ve always wanted a machine that made those type ice cubes. Now I have one and it is well worth it. The machine is quiet and makes more ice than my freezer and better tasting too. I will recommend this machine to everyone I talk to that’s how impressed I am of the technology.

Perfect soft chewy ice every time

This product is amazing. It provides exactly what you'd hope: the best ice for drinks and digestive issues. Ours was damaged in shipping and caused it to start to whine terribly during production of ice. I contacted the seller (Ed) and not only did he answer all of my questions, he sent a new unit out to replace the old one with the caveat that I use the new box to return the old product since the original box had to be tossed due to its previous damage. Seriously amazing customer service and just good people. Worth every penny.

Perfect ice

This ice maker is everything I hoped it would be and more. It makes the perfect ice and I no longer have to make trips to sonic. The ice bin holds twice the amount of my friend’s GE Opal and keeps it cold all day. The ice is slow melting, but also light and soft which is both perfect for crunching and keeping my drinks cold for a long time. I cannot recommend enough.



Obsessed with this quiet, delicious ice maker. Worth every penny.

Quiet, easy to use and set up. Very fast. The ice is so crunchy and satisfying!

Great Nugget ice maker!

Makes ice just like that Favorite drive restaurant!!??

Great Ice Maker

I choose this model because it was one of the highest rated of the nugget ice makers. Unfortunately, it leaked badly after the first batch. I emailed back and forth with the GEVI repairperson to see if it was a simple fix, and she recommended I simply exchange it through Amazon. Amazon was wonderful. They arranged for UPS to pick it up at my door, and two days later I had a replacement. It is a great ice maker and even though I had a hiccup in the beginning, I still highly recommend this product. It's relatively quiet and I love the nugget ice.

Ice is delicious and just right

Everyting is great

Best nugget ice!!

Works great, self cleaning, and makes great nugget ice.


If your sick of running to sonic or any local establishment to find that yum yum ice… We'll stop hunting your local establishment… get yourself this nugget ice machine! Hands down the best investment our household has made!

Works great

It would be nice if the bin area where the ice is dropped were cooled so it didn't melt to quickly. Otherwise it's great so far. Ice is the size we like and it's super simple to use.


I love this machine. its easy to use and clean.

Great Ice Maker

Easy to operate, makes good ice, fast.

Good size on counter

It is getting hot and needed this guy for summer. Perfect size for my counter and affordable price. It was not good to mix all meat and ice, ice cream, fruits in one freezer. So I purchased ice maker, chest freezer to separate everything. I happy that found this ice maker which is easy to use and make ice fast and perfect fit on the counter and match my other appliances. But little bit noisy when making ice so consider the time to make ice.

Excellent company to work with!

I originally had an Opal nugget ice maker that only lasted for not quite 2 years. When I started my search for a new machine I did a lot of research and read all of the comments before I settled on the Gevi Nugget ice maker. I do not regret my decision at all! Besides being very easy to set up and understand the instructions, it makes ice faster than my Opal ever did, but probably the most important thing about this machine is the customer service department at Gevi. When I first got the machine I wrote a quick review about pretty much what I said here as well, but I also casually mentioned that when I unloaded the machine, there was some small damage in the lower rear corner that probably happened during shipping and probably won't affect anything. Well, apparently the awesome people at Gevi read my comment and sent me a $21.80 refund for the slight damage done in shipping. That is one awesome company!! Its also a better machine than the Opal ever was! I highly recommend this nugget ice machine, and this is coming from someone who is addicted to chewable nugget ice!!

Best at-home ice machine for two

This is the best at-home ice machine I've bought, and my husband and I have purchased two other models that we didn't like as much as this one. It's HUGE so you need to have a lot of counter space for it, and it needs a few inches of clearance on all sides for proper ventilation. The massive size is completely worth it to always have “Sonic ice” on hand. We've had it for a few weeks and we have yet to run out of ice, even using it to refill our water bottles all day every day. It's easy to use once you get it set up, and the instructions are easy to follow. If you're still searching for the perfect ice maker, you've found it. You won't regret this purchase.

Ice Maker is Amazing!!!

I love this ice maker you just fill it to the line with water and it gets to work.. Very easy to clean just detach the tubes in the back and the water pours right out. Never had a better ice maker ever!!!


My refrigerator ice maker broke so I decided to try this ice machine so I could keep ice in my freezer. This machine makes delicious tasty nuggets of ice. I only use distilled water in it so hopefully it will stay clean and last me awhile. If you are searching for a good nugget ice maker I would highly recommend this one.

Love this ice machine

I love this ice maker!! My husband researched extensively before we bought one. He knew I wanted the small nugget ice (like hospital ice) for my tea and the chew on! He hooked up a line to our water line from the sink so it went directly to the machine and we don't have to refill it with water on our own. The ice is made quickly once you get through your first couple of rounds making ice. We never seem to run out during the day which is awesome!


Love this ice maker. I have increased my water intake so much. I eat every piece of ice in every drink.Quiet and fast.

Ice maker

Wonderful product! Thank you for offering this item at an affordable price.

amazing product for the ice chewing spouse

I have a wife that needs to chew ice. This ice has to be of a specific consistency and size to be acceptable and unfortunately the crushed ice from the refrigerator does not fill the bill due it being just shattered cubes... who knew. So one of my daily errands has been ice retrieval from one of the convenience stores or restaurants that has the correct crunchy ice. My frustration in this comes in the melting department (also in the frequency of trips to Sonic et al). In an attempt to be more efficient I decided it would be worth a try to get this ice machine after researching all of the similar products from various brands. I must say that this particular machine is definitely worth its weight in at least silver to me, maybe gold. The operation is quiet, it fills quickly, it is not required to use the fridge style water line if you don't want to, and the ice produced has been deemed by my ice addict as perfect. I have begun to use this ice in my drinks as well rather than the crushed ice from the refrigerator ... which I previously considered excellent.

Awesome ice maker

I like ice. I love sonic ice. This machine gives me sonic ice, therefore, I love this machine

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